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The Cologne-based coffee roaster moxxa (also since many years a supporter of Slow Food) some time ago dared to start an exciting experiment: the cultivation of coffee actually in Europe, namely as a social project together with local farmers on the Canarian Island of La Gomera.

After many steps of trial and error and surviving a few difficulties they succeeded, hurray. Since last year, Linea La Gomera is available in many stores on the island. The harvest is still not so much due to the young age of the plants, so the beans are currently supplemented with moxxa organic coffee from Peru and Ethiopia to deliver a delicious melange.

Sven Johannsen, a member of our management team, used his vacation on La Gomera to take a tour of the coffee plantations. He was quite impressed by the cultivation. Smaller fields adapted to the landscape, wild herbs and papaya trees growing between the coffee bushes.

And also, in terms of taste, this pick-me-up was convincing in all its’ 4 variations.

Thank you, Slow Food Cologne and Sven Johannsen, for this great report.